Meat box

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The most convenient way to buy primal cuts. 


~7lbs of meat total

2lbs chops (~4 small or 2 large chops)
2lb shoulder roast (can substitute steaks)
2lbs ground sausage
1lb chorizo



~13lbs of meat

3-4lbs chops (~4 large chops)

1 Tenderloin

2.5 - 3lb shoulder roast

2lbs ground sausage

2lbs ground

2lb bacon

*Bonus* pork shanks




Ground assortment:

3lbs of meat

1lb lean ground pork, 1lb sausage, 1lb chorizo

Lean Machine:

5 lbs lean cuts and ground - 1.5-2lb 1/2" lean pork steak, 2lb lean ground pork, 1lb ground turkey, 2 chops ~ 1lb