Whole Hog

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The $200 is a deposit to reserve one of our Iowa Swabian Hall and Red Wattle Cross.  We are raising a limited number of hogs and expect them to sell fast.

Our hogs are busy growing to the ideal butchering weight. The hog's "hanging weight" at $5.00 per pound determines the full price of your hog. Our price does not include butchering fees. Typically, our whole hogs have a hanging weight of 200 to 230 pounds. When the time comes to butcher your hog, we will deliver the hog to our USDA Certified and Inspected Processor and work with you to iron out the butchering details. If you have any additional questions or requests, please call 512-662-7151 to discuss.

All of our pork products come from hogs that are humanely treated, pasture raised, hormone free, and antibiotic free.

We source our pork products from our herd of Iowa Swabian Hall and Red Wattle Cross. This world renown breed of hog has a flavor that hearkens back to the old days when pork was the king of meats. Micro-marbling, short muscle fibers, and excellent bellies produce the most exquisite bacon and flavorful meat.

If you want more info on what you get with a whole hog, here is a great blog post from a friend of mine. Just double the half hog numbers.